Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life Savors for Women by Bell & Littleton

Wonderful little book!

I received this book as a gift. I love it! It's the amazing stories of everyday people who see God in unusual ways in ordinary events. Each story is only a few pages long. I like reading a story a day. Every one is worth the read!

Echoes (Michelli Family Series #3) by Kristen Heitzmann


Reviewed by Kay S. Walsh (Harrisonburg Virginia), October 23, 2007

Visceral. Edgy. Awesome.

Lance, in his quest of seeking God's will, has found gifts that bring both healing and burden. He and Rese explore the future with optimistic caution. Each so different, yet uniquely bonded.

Sophie, Lance's sister, is caught between her past, present and future. When all three confront her at the same time, fireworks result. (Would we expect anything less of a Michelli?) Sophie had loved a man and his daughter. Sophie came to cherish his daughter as her own. Unwittingly, Sophie was drawn into the obsessive web of her lover. When his love turned evil, he ripped his daughter away. Years later, Sophie seeks a new life in Sonoma in the Villa with Lance and Rese. She finds herself drawn to a man she hopes is worthy of her trust. As this tentative yet promising relationship grows, her old life creeps in, hoping to ambush her.

Lance wants to jump on his white horse... oops, his Harley... to rescue Sophie. But what will that mean to his relationship with Rese? The third book in the Secrets Series by Kristen Heitzman challenges the reader to examine, experience and live the Christian faith. Not preachy, just awesome.

The Edge of Recall by Kristen Heitzmann

Here's a book review I posted on

New Age... or Age Old?
Kay S. Walsh (Harrisonburg, VA United States)

Tessa is a landscape architect obsessed with labyrinths. She is drawn to the ruins of an intriguing labyrinth; however, to follow her passion, she must work with a man she once loved but who ultimately betrayed her.

The Edge of Recall may be of the genre "contemporary romantic suspense" but it borders on being a thriller. Until the end, it's unclear as to who should be wearing the white hats and who deserves the black. If you are looking for a great read, pick this one up.

To fully explore the depth of the messages hidden within this book, consider more than one reading. You'll want it on your bookshelf.

Also, thanks to the author for the setting in Maryland. That's refreshing!

I'm a Blogger Now!!


I'm excited. I started this blog site because I love to review books on sites such as, and Now I can review them here to for my friends to read first.

I'll have one coming soon so check back!