Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Prisoner of Versailles (Darkness to Light Series #2)

By Golden Keyes Parsons

Great sequel to a fascinating fiction series! Bring on #3!

Initially, I avoided the first book, In the Shadow of the Sun King, because I didn't think seventeenth century France would interest me. I was wrong.

Not only did I enjoy the storylines and subplots of both books, I found myself enlightened as to some of the history of Christians fighting Christians; specifically, Catholics and Huguenots (Protestants who follow the teachings of John Calvin).

Examining it from my view as a modern U. S. citizen, this story seems surreal and the logic warped. Examining it from the view of a long ago culture, one can see that perhaps the logic has some basis, however misguided, in the desire to be religious.

This intriguing series exposes a need to scrutinize one's own faith and consider how Christians treat each other today. Perhaps, we have much to learn from history.

Synopsis/Plot: King Louis XIV has taken vengeance on the husband of Madeleine, a woman known to be the king's first love. Madeleine's husband has been sent to work on a ship, work which is intended to bring a slow and painful death. Madeleine and her firstborn are kidnapped and taken to Versailles. In spite of the hardship, Madeleine sees her need to reach out for God. What is God saying to her as she must make painful decisions to protect her family?

If you would like to read the first chapter of A Prisoner of Versaille , go HERE

Monday, September 7, 2009


By Max Lucado

Max’s words, as always, are compelling and challenging. After at lest 25 books, his words still stir my soul and bring hope.

At the time I started this book, I thought I had few fears. Reading down the list of chapters in the table of contents nixed that illusion. Fear comes in many forms. Most are based on circumstances such as loss of income, being alone, terrorist attack and, most of all, death.

However, Max describes the basis of all fear. Early in the book, he uses the story of Jesus calming the sea in the midst of a raging storm (Mark 4), to reveal our greatest fear. (I won’t spoil it by giving away Max’s explanation. Read the book. ;-)

In these times plagued by fearful possibilities, this book is a guiding light back to faith and hope. (Besides, you gotta love the adorable cover!)

Check out the web site: http://thefearlesstimes.com/