Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Familiar Stranger
by Christina Berry

An amazing debut novel! I can't wait to see what Christina Berry writes in the future!

Meanwhile read the first chapter by clicking on the link below. Enjoy!


Craig Littleton's decision to end his marriage would shock his wife, Denise . . . if she knew what he was up to. When an accident lands Craig in the ICU, with fuzzy memories of his own life and plans, Denise rushes to his side, ready to care for him.

They embark on a quest to help Craig remember who he is and, in the process, they discover dark secrets. An affair? An emptied bank account? A hidden identity? An illegitimate child?

But what will she do when she realizes he's not the man she thought he was? Is this trauma a blessing in disguise, a chance for a fresh start? Or will his secrets destroy the life they built together?

If you would like to read the first chapter of The Familiar Stranger, go HERE

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  1. Hey, your students can wait for their grades! You have a book to read! :)

    Drop me a line when you finish it and share your thoughts. I'll link up to your blog when you do.