Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Don't Fall by Josh Sundquist

Candid, heart-warming, heart-breaking...hilarious!

The boy-next-door goes from losing a leg to cancer at age 9 to skiing as a member of the 2006 U. S. Paralympic Ski Team. Josh tells his story as though you were sitting on his shoulder sharing every encounter. Be prepared for a wild ride!!

Josh shares of all the normal, often awkward, things most boys experience growing up... a first love, siblings, communicating with parents, wanting to go out for the soccer team, etc. Then he shares what is different...losing his hospital roommate to cancer, being interviewed on the Miracle Network, finding someone to teach a teenager with one leg to ski, etc., all while living in a small city in Virginia.

Along with all these events, add Josh's personality and spirit. He is extremely intelligent, extremely motivated, an extreme risk taker, extremely humorous, etc. In other words, Josh is extreme.

For the sake of full disclosure, I live in the city where Josh grew up. He was about to leave for college when my family moved to Harrisonburg, VA, and I never met him. However, he is somewhat of a folk hero, not just because of the difficulties of his life but for the joy and hope he has given to individuals and this community. When his name is mentioned, there are always smiles. Everyone has a Josh story and a special place for the miracle guy... miracles both earned and bestowed.

If you have never heard of Josh Sundquist, you should. His is a fabulous story of growth, faith, pain and joy. You gotta read this book!

Reviewer's rating: PG-13

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