Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saved by Her Enemy: An Iraqi woman's journey from the heart of war to the heartland of America

by Don Teague and Rafraf Barrak

The war came into my home...and my heart...

When the headlines come up on my home page, I can no longer just skip over how many bombs went off in Baghdad today. Now it's personal. Through this book I meet two people who survived the daily chaos and death that is war. I was surprised at the maturity of this young woman who had to grow up quickly in a war torn city. I am astounded at the contrast between her life in Baghdad and her life in Florida. I am amazed at the faith of a family who took the risk and invested the time to make her a part of their family in the United States. Only by a reliance on God can this type of miracle happen... including the change in my heart.

I only have two complaints about this book. 1) The point of view in this book changes often and sometimes takes a moment of thought to deciper which author is talking. This may be distracting but it's still worth the read. 2) I wanted to know more. I'm hoping for a sequel.

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