Friday, May 28, 2010

Indivisible by Kristen Heitzmann

A Feast for Book Club Discussions!

The intrigue begins with the title, asking the question, “What/Who is indivisible?”

Police Chef Jonah Westfall, a recovering alcoholic, has a past. So does Tia Manning who runs the local family business… although the family is strangely absent. But today their small town is plagued by a maniac who finds sick pleasure in hurting animals. Jonah fears the acts will escalate to humans. Is this the threat of a cult, a stranger or someone who has been hiding in their midst?

Set in a small town in Colorado, this contemporary mystery and romance will keep you searching for answers until the last page… and then some. I found myself pondering the many facets of this multi-layered novel for quite some time. This is the sign of a great parable, a story that parallels and reveals the nature of our lives.

This book is a keeper. As an instructor of psychology at the university level, I can see using this as a text not only for book clubs but also for psychology or English classes.

Highly recommended!

Catch the trailer at:

P.S. The trailer is scarier than the book!

Hear an interview with the author and read an except of Indivisible at:

Note: For many of my reviews, the book is provided free by the pulishing company in exchange for an honest and open review. This book was NOT provided by the publisher but was purchased; however the review is still honest and open. ;-)

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