Monday, July 5, 2010

66 Love Letters

by Dr. Larry Crab

Ever want to have a talk with God where you could clearly and immediately hear His voice? Just imagine you could invite a wise, beloved mentor to sit on your porch and sip a glass of tea while discussing the cares of the world and most importantly, your life. No question is off limits.

The author uses scripture and a myriad of sources from esteemed Christians throughout history to provide a glimpse of how God may respond in a one-on-one dialog as you confer over His book, The Holy Bible. Reminiscent of Sarah Young’s devotional books such a Jesus Calling or the classic Come Away My Beloved, the reader feels loved as well as challenged.

Those who study the Books of the Bible with find this resource helpful in making scripture relevant and personal. This book is likely to become a classic.

An example of how this book reads can be found on page 352 entitled “Love Letter Sixty-Four: 3 John”

(God) “Think of someone whose arrogant spirit offends you, someone who irritates you with how insensitive and demanding he or she can be.”

(Self) "Just one?"                                    ;-)

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