Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Breath of Dawn
by Kristen Heitzmann
Passionate and Chilling. A Wonderful Read!
It’s quite appropriate that the release date of this book falls on November 1st. Just as Halloween leads to All Saints Day*, The Breath of Dawn moves us through a tale of evil to one of redemption, purpose and love.
Morgan Spencer, a King Midas professionally, is a tragic hero in his personal life. The book opens with Morgan grieving the death of his wife. His saving grace comes in the form of his infant daughter, Livie.
Livie is an adorable bundle of cuddly; pleasantly mixed with joy and challenge. It’s love at first glimpse!
In walks Quinn Riley, a woman in danger. In turn, she becomes an endangerment to Morgan’s fragile peace and eventually, his very existence.
Breath of Dawn is a stand-alone novel; however, it is the third in a series that chronicles Morgan’s story. The prequels, Rush of Wings and Still of Night, are two of my favorites. I was elated to be able to continue reading Morgan’s story. (My thanks to the author!)
As in all her novels, Heitzmann presents realistic, flawed characters. Her books draw me in a few do. This romantic suspense story is among the best of the best.
Read The Breath of Dawn. You will not be disappointed.
*In the Christian heritage, November 1 is celebrated as All Saint’s Day. To Catholics, it is a day to remember all God’s saints. For Protestants, who understand Saints as all believers, it signifies the unity of the entire church. (from

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